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    Todd Lovejoy, co-founder and owner of Tal Management Services, has over 30 year’s worth of experience leading successful consulting firms and corporations. A trained electrical engineer and an experienced business leader, Todd Lovejoy has helped a number of companies achieve international growth through the application of cutting-edge technology. In his current position, Todd Lovejoy helps startups and mid-capital firms optimize their organizational structure, raise capital, and develop a positive leadership culture to ensure stellar employee performance.


    Before founding TAL Management Services in 2016, Mr. Lovejoy headed TAL Executive Services, LLC. As the management consulting firm’s owner and principle consultant, Mr. Lovejoy helped a number of companies redefine their management principles and lead effectively. The companies his firm assisted included relatively small family-owned businesses, such as Ajax Custom Manufacturing, as well as large defense contractors like L3 Communications.


    Before establishing his own consulting firm, Mr. Lovejoy served as President and Chief Executive Officer of the manufacturing and development company, Ansen International. During his time at Ansen International, Mr. Lovejoy was responsible for substantial company sales and profit increases in both the American and Asian markets. Before his time at Ansen, Mr. Lovejoy also served as General Manager of West Coast Operations at Plexus Corporation, another product development and manufacturing company. While at Plexus, Mr. Lovejoy managed to turn the company’s Seattle facility into a highly profitable entity.

  • Education

    University of California, Santa Barbara

    B.S. (8/1980 - 6/1982)

    Electrical Engineering

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    Todd Lovejoy is an experienced business executive and entrepreneur who holds a degree from the...
    Based in Livermore, California, management consultant and executive Todd Lovejoy currently heads...
    Todd Lovejoy is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara who currently serves...
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