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Elements of Total Quality Management

Todd Lovejoy

Todd Lovejoy is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara who currently serves as the founder of TAL Management Services. An experienced executive management consultant, Todd Lovejoy has expertise in management methodologies such as Six Sigma Black Belt and Total Quality Management (TQM).

TQM is a business methodology that focuses on constant improvement of all operational business areas. Originally developed by management consultant William Deming, TQM makes use of structured guidelines, standards, and business procedures that help to ensure efficient operations and quality outputs.
The ultimate goal of TQM is to provide the best possible product or service to end users (customers) and quality is the driving force behind the methodology. Key elements of TQM include a strong organizational foundation built on good ethics, trust, and integrity. Teamwork, training, and leadership are also important components to support constant improvement. Moreover, communication is seen as a critical part of TQM in order to ensure smooth operations, and a system to recognize ideas and achievements is an important component to incentivize quality.

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