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Managing a Rapid Growth Startup

Todd Lovejoy

Todd Lovejoy, the cofounder and owner of TAL Management Services, LLC, relies on more than 30 years of business experience to provide executive consulting services. Over the years, Todd Lovejoy has been involved in numerous industries and has established a strong track record of promoting rapid growth among startups.

Managing a rapidly growing startup often begins with creating a full business plan. This requires the establishment of long-term, mid-term, and short-term goals.
Many startups already have long- and short-term goals established, but you also need mid-term goals that focus on company growth over the course of three to five years. With these goals, you are better able to assess the growth of your startup and make changes when they are needed.
Beyond establishing a business plan, you need to make sure your customers stay happy during this period of fast growth. If you ignore your customers, the growth will quickly stop.
Finally, finding a mentor will provide you with a wealth of information regarding hiring, staying organized, and focusing on details. Mentors can also help you develop certain skills you may be missing, such as the ability to delegate.

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