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The Basics of Building Customer Focus Teams

Todd Lovejoy

Based in Livermore, California, management consultant and executive Todd Lovejoy currently heads TAL Management Services, LLC, as co-founder and owner. The company offers its corporate clients assistance with establishing and refining solid management and organizational structures. As a principal and consultant, Todd Lovejoy has led a number of companies to renewed profitability and performance, leveraging his expertise in areas such as sales and customer focus teams to do so.

Assembling a customer focus team typically involves uniting employees from across multiple divisions to achieve the common goal of growing the business through enhancing customer service.
To form an effective customer focus team, executives should first set up a defined structure of the team, making sure to clarify the team vision. Additional steps toward building the team will include identifying business partners and articulating their needs, as well as detecting potential problems and planning for the best means of implementing various solutions as they are devised.
A high-performing customer focus team will center its work on learning to listen actively to a company’s customers, so a core deliverable will be crafting a solid plan that outlines how to accomplish this critical goal.

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